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that and then the fifth, the birds are up here. chris davis. and this is not chris davis. sorry about that. but the nationals, a big day for them. and they were able to clinch this one. jim johnson, he got his 50th save of the season. the nationals, i'm sorry, the orioles, they will win this one, 6-1 big win for them. and now the yankees, they won, and the angels won as well. so the o's are remaining tied in the first for the al east, clinching the spot with the angel's loss in their second game tonight. >> it is fun, i mean, you know today, it really reminded when the brewers made it. we stood out on the field and waited for them to end. it kind of brought back flashbacks. but you know it is one step closer. i mean it would have been nice to clinch, but i know we are still looking for the division. >>> now to week four of the nfl. the redskins are on the road in tampa bay. right now late in the first quarter, the 21-13, rg3. 215 passing yards. one rushing tb. out for more. big game already on the big ground. and eight different redskins with at least one pass. of course, we'll have full h
himself in the pregame and he's not done peddling souvenirs. 4-0, orioles. bottom five, chris davis, fourth straight game going yard. another towering blow, 31st of the season. he described being dialed in. it feels really, really good. jim johnson finishes the greatest closer season in orioles history and gets his 50th save. started keeping track in saves since 1969 and is the 10th ever to get 50. help make j.j. hardy bobblehead day here one fans here never forget. >> it was a good day, and we could celebrate with the fans a little bit but, you know, we've got to move forward. >> we know we've got to take care of our business and can't worry about the other teams. if they lose, great, but we know we've got to win. >> they, however, were unable to clinch a postseason berth as of yet. the angels had a dramatic rally where the players and fans watched tv together. later in sports we'll talk about that but right now let's head outside camden yards where barry spent time with the fans. >> what a game, pete. plenty of fans here, orioles fans, very excited about the victory over the bosto
runs here. but his first as an oriole. that tied the game at 2. mr. chris davis. there he goes. a 31 shot. 2 home runs in the game. 28 of the season. nine of them against the toronto blue jays. the first time the baltimore orioles have hit seven home runs at a home game in front of more than 26,000 fans. they are thrilled that what they saw. coming up later, we will check in with that and see how tonight's game -- they remain in the thick of the post season hunt. >> coming up, is the city responsible for moving in front yard protest displays without a home owner's knowledge or consent or to mark >> the team talk to the baltimore home owner about what started that speech. >> by motorists might have had a hard time looking past the truck in front of them. the unusual optical. >> showers and a few late evening thunderstorms. >> controversy over a front yard display of child manikins. hanging from the noose/ >> were the pornographic or an artful protests? >> that is the mannequin of a child. he is holding up the ladder. the second time in two weeks the north baltimore home honor has used
. chris davis one of the strongest man in baseball. 26th home run of the season tied the game at 2-2. the bottom of the fifth, gomes gave it right back 3-2. top nine, still 3-2, two out. end of the game. the orioles lost, but i guess you cannot win them all. the standings in the east, the orioles and yankees tied for first. new york also lost last night. they're playing tampa in the seventh. the red sox and blue jays at 10:00. waiting for the terps today. it could provide a measure of personal satisfaction for the coach in connecticut. he gave some comments about facing his old school. you can -- yukon looking good early on. there he does. 57 yards on the touchdown. 7-0. it would be 14-0. the freshman quarterback under pressure. the first career touchdown for the wide receiver. 17-14. he sees the opening and takes care of business. 24-21. maryland had a good drive going. out of field-goal range. he goes for it all. kicked in the end zone. no miracle in college park. terps fall 25-21. they lost in the opener to notre dame. losing to penn state's 34-7. a banner day for the tigers. th
batters later, we have mark. 8 home runs in the last seven games. for good measure, chris davis during the party as well. he hit one out onto the flag court. tied for first with the yankees. now the challenge tonight -- avoid the hanover. -- handover. >> it gives you energy. if you that adrenaline rush. it can make the body feel like it is able again and give you that a second wind that you need to carry you through the playoffs. >> you have to look at it as totally new. last night was last night. >> that's right. the birds not to them around a bit the last timeout. you can hear this on wbal radio. it will be a big weekend with purple friday. we're getting ready before the opener. terrell suggs will be entered. how do you replace the nfl defensive player of the year? i mean, he is the pass rush. paul kruger has been named as a guy capable of stepping up and doing more things than he has done. but he is not there to replace terrell suggs. >> it has nothing to do with snizzle. -- sizzle. it has to do with playing outside linebacker for the baltimore ravens. you guys keep comparing. there
. chris davis was on the field for pregame. jamal louis getting in the ring of honor. but showalter and adam jones on the big screen. they were cheering for torri smith as well. 3 touchdowns in 2 games. williams, picked on so often, his manner of redemption. the final march to victory. getting to 23. last ditch effort -- high and deep. a mini bye. john harbaugh, who is happy for the ravens and the orioles. >> it's a special team. extra inning games, finding a way to win. we find a way to win games. >> of they make the playoffs, i think a ray lewis pre-game pep talk would not be a bad thing. who is the mvp? a for bolden, b rice, d for williams. smith. williams with the pick 6, only 12%. reed was fined today for a hit, $21,000 by the nfl. please stay with us. another check of the forecast with tom coming up right after this. >> drilling into the fine print of the state's new gambling law to determine whether or not claims made in the ad are true. an update tonight. the oriole postseason push continues. the three wise men who have had a front row to thousands of orioles games. the incr
, braze-marlins. -- braves-marlins. mrs. the pitch, but so does the catcher. 3-0. baltimore, chris davis caps off a six-run fifth inning with a three-run shot to center field way in the bleachers. another home run late in the game. blue jays lose, 12-2. despite all their defensive woes, the redskins have the highest scoring offense in the nfl. a big coat -- a big part of this excess is rg3. as well as the running back. he rushed for 96 yards. average, 78. he is ready for the competition. >> a lot of people scare people away. we have a tough defense. solid defense. i love a challenge. we will see what happens. >> speaking of running backs, the redskins replaced a player with an injury. at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call greater washington home. whether it's funding an organization that provides new citizens with job training, working with an anacostia school that promotes academic excellence or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c., what's important to the
in the past month alone for the ball club. his second home run on the night and chris davis says you know what, i can do that too. he ices the cake coming up in a second. number 24 for davis. celebrations going on all around for reynold. how could you deny that. and here we go with chris davis sweet swinging and that reminds you of will clark. baltimore moves into a tie with first place. 10-6. it was a night honoring the ironman and the o's continuing the dream run and jamie costello is telling the ghost of baltimore he a baseball past you are back and so are you. >> reporter: you came back and pull the orange out of the closet and came back. >> okay, my gosh it feels grade. 14 years and you can get it done this year. >> reporter: on an omotion -- emotional day how about this moment. brooks and cal hero and hero. and the brother speaks. >> it's about a guy that cared about what he did on the field, cared about what he did off the field, and cared about how he did it on the field and how he did it off the field. he still does. thank you sir. >> reporter: he came back and draped the railing poin
davis, three run home run. 6-2. mark reynolds, home run number 23. 8-2. chris davis and manny machado each homered again. 12-n in all, 1 ti's a team, 2, the orioles win to stay a half-game in front of the oakland a's. ron washington watched the a's win. josh hamilton -- it keeps on rolling. part of a five run first inning. texas. beat the ravens and brown said tonight. ngreement was reached on maa eight-year contract. we will see when the ravens fans boo the regular officials. the ravens and brown's tonight. the pregame show begins at 7:00 p.m. and you can watch it right here. >> we will be right back. >> when is election day? you decide. some americans are not waiting until november 6 to vote. >> the referee lockout appears to be a andn en. n end. >> the forecast as we continue. >> the forecast as we continue.
run. chris davis and manny machado each had two home runs. the orioles tied a team record with seven home runs in a single game. the orioles beat toronto 12-2. >> another major retail chain putting out the help wanted sign. >> the fallout from this shocking incident. how much this display will cost the university. >> how much longer will the washington monument be close to repairs? >> the rain is clearing out of the state but more could be on the way. >> we are keeping tabs on several accidents including one on the harrisburg >> welcome back to 11 news today. 6:12. 72 degrees downtown. that is the skycam temperature. we see lots of clouds in the sky. let's look at the radar. here's what is left of the showers and thunderstorms. light rain falling in elkton and aberdeen and northeast. some rain on the backside of this year westminster and that extends into western maryland. the rain is not done just yet. this is affecting the northern areas of the state. 71 in annapolis. 60's in parkton. showers and storms back into the ohio river valley. this is a slow mover. we have not seen a big c
place. top four. it.oks loved bottom 4, chris davis. crhaash davis. admire it, chris. you should. 30th home run of the season. he said he would not talk about 30 until he got there. 3-0. top 5. how about mark reynolds? he might win a gold glvoe. i do not know how he did it. he did. he came out from playing hide and seek. his arm is sore but he is ok. bottom seven, manny machado. tied at 3-3. it proved to be the game-winner. if you give the orioles' bullpen all leave, they will stand. jim johnson,, 1,2, 3, in the night. yes, in, they got the win. 28-9 in one run games. the fact it was a brooks robinson night, that much more as we saw the past and future colliding at camden yards. s. >> it was apropos that third base made a couple of nice place. just such a -- i can talk about mr. robinson all day long. >> trying to bring me in. catch the ball. do it on this night feels great. it is even better would came out with the win. >> the orioles took the field tonight, they knew they could grab a share of first place because of what happened north of the border today in toronto. the yankees face
last night in style after chris davis hit a two-run home run. ryan flaherty hits a grand slam in the bottom of the first, putting the o's up 6-1. that was all they would need in this one. he pitched a great game, getting daniel nava to end the inning. the o's win 9-1shg their 90th game. you can feel the magic at camden yards. we have more on how the fans are buckling up for the playoffs. >> a resounding national anthem o at camden yards friday night. it was the beginning to another o'-mazing night for a team taking the country by surprise and baltimore by storm. >> it's huge. i mean, we drove up from raleigh for this. we've been talking about it for weeks. yeah, it's cool. >> it's been 15 years since orioles park hosted a meaningful final home stand for the home team, and fans are soaking it up. >> every time i come, i wear this. >> i cannot explain to you, because we can't afford ravens tickets but we still root for them. but we can afford orioles tickets. we are ready. we are excited. this is our time. >> it's been appreciation weekend and nine lucky fan weres randomly chose
's. solid all season and however, chris davis, what a stroke. deep to center field, and that is just gone. it ties the game at two apiece. a's are back in front and the pride of petaluma. a base hit to left and in comes adam rosales. a big night for the oakland defense. four double plays including this one in the seventh. he hits it into the 6-4-3dtp. and more defense to end this game. they were pumped up. derrick norris and trying to steel with two down in the 9th in front of a sellout crowd on fireworks night. the a's win it 3-2. they are two up in the wild card race. giants and diamondbacks, not the best way to get a foul ball, but effective. matt cane uncane-like. two strikeouts and five walks and three in the first. he lasted only five innings. hunter penz helping his teammates out. here it comes and there it goes with the bases loaded in the third. grand slam and that makes it 5-0g-men. giants get out of a bases loaded jam. he gets aaron hill swinging and matt cane is fired up. giants get one more run in the eighth and we show it to you because of the batter. it is santiago cassie y
, chris davis, what a stroke. deep to center field, and that is just gone. it ties the game at two apiece. a's are back in front and the pride of petaluma. a base hit to left and in comes adam rosales. a big night for the oakland defense. four double plays including this one in the seventh. he hits it into the 6-4-3dtp. and more defense to end this game. they were pumped up. derrick norris and trying to steel with two down in the 9th in front of a sellout crowd on fireworks night. the a's win it 3-2. they are two up in the wild card race. giants and diamondbacks, not the best way to get a foul ball, but effective. matt cane uncane-like. two strikeouts and five walks and three in the first. he lasted only five innings. hunter penz helping his teammates out. here it comes and there it goes with the bases loaded in the third. grand slam and that makes it 5-0g-men. giants get out of a bases loaded jam. he gets aaron hill swinging and matt cane is fired up. giants get one more run in the eighth and we show it to you because of the batter. it is santiago cassie yaw -- casia who never gets any a
hours ago. top of the ninth inning. os down two. two men on. chris davis comes through with a base hit past diving second base. that brings home a couple runs. they head to extra innings, tied at two. it stayed tied at two for the next three hours until 18 innings. taylor drops a base hit in the right. he's the hero. orioles add one. baltimores win a six-hour marathon, 4-2. even with the yankees. 18 innings. yes, do the math, the equivalent of two full baseball games. this is their 14th consecutive win. that's the most since the indians won 17 straight in 1949. the yankees play the blue jays this afternoon then another one tonight. the os rest up and play the mariners this evening. cabrera, bases loaded. grand slam. bottom of the eighth inning there. second home run of the game for cabrera. tigers win big, 12-2. they are three back. five out in the wild card. drives one deep to left. wells thinks he's got a shot. oh! oh! really misread that one i have to say. he flips over the wall. he's okay. angels win, 11-3. they are two and a half out of the wild card race. >>> when the pga tour ch
???.... his 8th homer in his last 7 games...2-run shot gives the o's a 9-6 man up...chris davis joins the long ball paraae...onto the flagcourt...his 24th...o's hit 6 home runs in a game for the beat the yankees 10-6 tying new york for first place in the division...mark reynolds has multi-home runssgames in 3 of the last 4 meetings with the yankees... 3 o's win in front of moreethan 44-thousand fans wearing orange and black...american baak where they belong... in s first...tied with ew yorkk17 games above 500...tampa bay idle tonight...they're 2 games back... it's now time to announce our high school game of the week winner...brought to you by varsity sports network dot com.. with 3 quarters of the vote... pou picked catonsville at perry hall in football...tune in tomorrow night foo the that'll do it for this edition of sports unlimited...i'm bruce cunningham...goodnight... goodnight... 3 [ engine revs ] [ male announcer ] you know what that is? that's the sound of a mid-sized sedan that doesn't whine when you step on the gas. that's the most powerful v-6 engine in its class th
witten was beryllium tonight. no runs. seven hits, four innings. chris davis 12-0 win. the orioles and yankees are tied for first with with a fourth game to be set for this thursday at camden yards. and for the fist time since 1997 they are playing meaningful baseball in september. fans have started scooping up tickets for the remaining games. they may not have the big names of the yanks, but the orioles have put themselves into position to make a playoff push full of underthe radar guys. >> these guys are just coming out of the blue. guys you didn't know who they were on opening day are making a difference right now. >> a four game series against the division leading yankees. tickets are already sold out. i want to show you a little post here. a september to remember on when you're on, we want to see your orioles pride. help us cheer them on right now and then head to thpreseason. -- the postseason. send your fan photos to pics at >>> apple is inviting reporters to a news conference next week in san francisco. and they suggest they will get
. they sent an american league record with 1333 strikeouts and chris davis and looks like it is going to be robbed of a home run but watch it is a home run-ups has a cast out of the hats. across the jays' fall to two. good thing the a's won because the angels are not letting up. he has a walk off rbi single in the angels win again they're,,,,,, [ female announcer ] you want family dinner to be special. dad, we want pizza. you guys said tacos. [ female announcer ] it doesn't always work out that way. you know what? we're spending too much money on eating out anyway. honey, come look at this. [ female announcer ] my money map from wells fargo is a free online tool that helps you track your spending. so instead of having to deal with a tight budget, you could have a tighter family. ♪ wells fargo. together we'll go far. [ eves ] years ago, i hurt my shoulder drag racing. that's when i decided to take it easy, so i took up hang gliding. [ female announcer ] a grandpa who refuses to grow up. [ eves ] the pain was bad, but the thought of not being a hang glider pilot was worse. [ female an
for the 2-run shot...his 19th...a's lead 2-1....chris davis just hit a solo shot too tie things at 2 in the 5th.. yynkees hosting the of the 8th...tampa up upton crushes it to left... into the bullpen...sslo shot... rays in front 5-2....bottom of the 8th...alex rodriguez moonshot tooleft...2-run blast closes the gap to a run...witt the long ball, he passes lou gehrig for 9th on the all-time runs list....bottom 99..6-4 rays...fernando rodney strikes out derek jeter to end tte game...rays take game one in new york 6-4... with the yankees loss, the o's are in sole possession of first place for the time being...tampa bay closes to within 3 and a half games... all the attention from the ravens season ppinted directly at the it should be.joe flacco and company made a big statement...and for once... maybe baltimore will be known other side of the ball. fast-paced offense.not a hurry used a majority of the game. sooetimes the snap came quick... other times flaaco read the defense and changed things up at the line of scrimmage.keeping the bengals off
to shallow center. chris davis comes on to score. 2-0 baltimore. the birds would lead 3-0. the yanks tie it, and then in the seventh, they blow it. hardy here cannot field swisher's hard grounder. edouard oh yoon ynunez, scores game-winning run on an error. and the game set for tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. nats trail cardinals now. sorry, that's changed in the last minute. they lead the cardinals 9-8 in the sixth. >> nice. >> a lot of reasons to tune in. mike shanahan talks about the big cuts he made yesterday. first time we'll hear from him and find out one. guys he cut, anthony armstrong, has a new team. going to miami. >> a tough job, with the cuts. >> ooh. heartbreaking day. now the season. now the season. >> i'm barack obama and i approve this message now mitt romney's attacking the >> president on medicare? the nonpartisan a-a-r-p says obamacare "cracks down on medicare fraud, waste, and abuse and strengthens guaranteed benefits." and the ryan plan? a-a-r-p says it would undermine medicare and could lead to higher costs for seniors... and experts say ryan's voucher plan could raise future
with a single. the orioles were in front 7-0. chris davis will double to left field and adam jones comes around. the score, 8-0 aureoles. a single to right, matt wieters comes around to score and the orioles rout the blue jays, 12- 0 big new york has now lost four out of five. new york to the early lead tonight in tampa. 1-0 yankees. bottom of the third, evan longoria puts tampa up to stay. a two-run shot, 3-2 rays. chapelwood put together five and enter runs -- tampa would put together five unanswered runs. and but they beat the yankees 5- 2. this one will have people shaking their heads around the country. the orioles have pulled into a first-place tie with the new art yankees. the orioles have 10 games left, with the yankees andy rays. starting with a four-game series at the york -- at the guard against the york common and that begins thursday night. -- at the yard against new york, and that begins thursday night. mckinney tweeted "this season is made, i am gone." continued negotiations prevented that exit from happening. he can reportedly earn the money back from playing incentives. for coa
homer...mark reynolds homer... that scored matt yet... chris davis capped off the homerun derby of 6 last night.... to make it 10-66 o's....and put it in the books... o's win... and share the division lead with new york. 3 new york.division lead with win... and put it in the .and put it in the books... o's win... and share the division lead with new york. "my curiousity is always poning to be satisfied. at some point we're going to play these 20 something games and i'm not going to insult your intelligence and tell you that i got all the answers and know exactly what's going to happen but i'm looking forward to finding out. it's going to be a fun ride." i''l be back later in sports show you dominated baseball this month. live at camden yards, morgan aasit.... for sports unlimited. 3with... the... political conventions... over...// what's next for the presidental candidates..?. 3 the major campaign issues... takinn center stage... and he impact upcoming debates could have on the race. 3 "it's a bruised face. he looks like he's been beat up, and a big siin
...trying not to slip up in the final 6 g. on for chris davis...laser shot to right center...outta here in a hurry...2-run blast...birds leed 2-1.... lattr in the inning...bases loaded for ryan laherty... uuloads them.gone for his firsttcareer grand slam... orioles take a 6-1 lead.... bottom 5...mooe flaherty... rips it to the gap in right center...manny machado come on down...birds score 3 in the 5tt with 2 outs...chris 9--...birdsspick up theirr90th win of the season... 3 orioles ooe gaae , behind the yankees for the division...they're in of the 1st... bommers on the board...laces pt to the gap...2 runs score... yanks lead the 6tt... 3-11yankees...russsll martin giies it a ride to left...over the wall...3-run shot... they're up 6-1...yankeesstake game 2 in toronto 11-4... a-l east standings...o's now 3 wins away from clinchinggaa one-game back of the yankees... tampa bay lost to theewhitee sox, now hey're 5 games out... card... history on the mound in pittsburgh...reds pitcher homer baily ne out away from the th no-hitter of the season....alex pressleyypops it up to sha
's fffth, visits the flag court, his third of the year, o's knot it up at 2..... later in the inning, chris davis blows it open,.. deep to the ccnter field bleachers,his 27th of tte year, 6-2 o'ss.... and then the following inning, mark reynolds... the sherriff... layin down the law, his 23rd, o's ahead 8-2. they hit 7 homers in the game, and win by a score of 12-2. 1 and a half games back of the it appears tonight that the nnl's replacement eferees are finally, blessedly on their way ouu...there have been optimistic reports all day cominn out of negotiations between the leageand he referee's unioo.. union.. several sources are reporting &pthat the framework of a deall the regular referees dbring back...maybe as soon as this weekend...the two sides remain reportedly haggling over remaining detailsone source says the difference is quote an announcement tomorroo...and therees aapossibility the regular guys will; be in place this sunday..but rest assured. pomorrow night's ravens-bbowns game will be officiated by the replacements.. former raven and hall of famer deion sanders took batting p
. chris davis singles and a tie run, setting this one on to a string of extra innings. the backup catcher, only the second hit of the season. the orioles go on to win in 18 innings. they've won 14 straight extra inning games. the yankees and the blue jays on a double header. the bottom of the first -- doubling over the head of the center. talk of the eight -- going for the single. two batters later, a double to right field. the blue jays back, but they could not get any closer as the yankees' hold on in the first double header. the orioles staff half a game at first and a half a game at the top spot for the wild card. the rays look almost out of it with only 14 games left to play. this marks the only time the orioles and the ravens have 14 games left and both teams face must win situations. for the ravens, it's a when they get is the patient -- against the patriots. no one needs a reminder of how it ended last year. don't talk about revenge and a rematch. you can't avenge a championship loss and the regular season. the ravens have never started a season one and two and four re lewis, that
of home runs tonight. chris davis had two. many muchatfo had two. they have hit 215 on the year. it was a great win. 12-2. orioles had to keep on winning. hopefully the yankees will stop smelling orange in the water. just keep winning and we'll be there. back to you, kelly. >> jamie is sweating out there. let's step out and take a look. clouds are in place and it's muggy and feels like summer out there. bwu reports 69 degrees. that south westerly wind has ushered in a lot of moisture. 68 over the eastern shore. now you notice frederick at 63, 62, well that's the influence of some showers and a front that's up in the norths. note the 5, 6, 7-mile an hour winds, and our dew point numbers are running between 63 to 67, so that is a sticky feel. noontime temperature of about 76. it's mild and scatters showers and storms throughout the afternoon. and note aswarm temperature of 78 degrees around the 4:00 hour. maryland's most powerful doppler radar is showing all clear right now. it's been an interesting evening watching storms developing around pennsylvania. there is a huge storm roll
. chris davis had two as did manny machato, and going deep, now, this home run, i don't know if we're going to hang on this for just a bit, but watch catches it with his cap. and that made espn's top plays last night. and jamie costello talking to r time is being passed down. >> i think we're getting a lot younger. >> all had their orioles gear on and they're excited. >> reporter: the bronze faces of our youth have become fresh again. >> i think the crowd is stoked. >> it's just fun to be here. >> they really believe. >> reporter: the crowd is young. it's excited. >> we have young people like myself and my friend nicole here, and then we have people that are my dad's age hanging out. >> even the old people are coming back around. >> a year ago these two were the only ones in their section, a picture proves it. >> we have a whole section full of families. the orioles learned a lesson, you have fans coming in with the 8-dollar promotion where you would have had empty seats,. >> the fans are coming out of the wood work. >> reporter: the program guy can feel it. >> oh, yeah, much young
won it 8-2. orioleare hot on their tails. they hit theoverff t ba chris davis hit a pair of homers. every run baltimore scored came off a home run. they beat the js 12-2. they remain a game and a halfback. finally, the referees endedhe lockout. how about the nhl? if fans want to see their se oy can watch they have t us. the red win is in russia where he channelled his inner renaldo. he headed it into the goal. unfortunately, that only counts in soccer. he use the his head. now let's hope the nhl and owseir whe lockout. that's your "first look" at sports. i'm fred roggin. >> for another look at the weather, let's check back in with bill karins. he has your weather channel forecast. they haven't put a replacement in for you yet? wait asecond, i sen the mem ou ou gtoll your nfl rant tweets? >> you finally explained it to me, yeah. >> it's noefrover now. everyone this morning, new england from tomid-atlantic, hiand miss with thshs dav oa heavy rain just north of baltimore this morning. if you're driving from baltimore to wilmington, delaware, you're going to get heavy rain. there are
was -- from the yard was 12-2 and ey erupted for 7 home runs, including two bombs a piece from chris davis and manny machato. and mark reynolds also provided power. watch this. watch lewis, in the hat. that made espn's top place. they remain a half game behind the yankees and a half game up on the a's. it's important that baltimore gets that number one spot because if there is a one game playoff, it will be played here at camden yards. >>> since we're talking about the o's, they are off tonight so we have friendly competition of our own. jamie costello and lauren cook showing off their orioles pride in the hopes you will pick which one is a bigger fan. we want to know which one had a better cheer. you can see deos, weigh in and vote, let us know which one is the favorite. do we have any idea what the standings are. >> i checked last night, i had 7 4%, but please keep the votes coming. a lot of people said he should be spelling out orioles, but i can't knock him. it's good. >> megan is showing her o's spirit again because you have the mug out once again. >> do you watch that mu
. encarnacion comes to the plate. he puts it into right field as well. chris davis in right field -- check out this throw. the line to third, in time to mail -- nail rasmus. no miracle tonight. flaherty pops it up to end it. fortunately for the orioles, the early yankees lead did not hold up minnesota. the twins got a to run home run. -- two-run home run. the comeback to beat the yankees, 5-4. wild card race, considerably tighter. the orioles and oakland still in the top spots. the angels are two games out at the moment. it will, 2.5 -- it could become 1.5 if the angels win tonight. no nfl team likes playing on a thursday night. no time to prepare. but for the ravens, it means there is not enough time to get overconfident before facing the browns. a couple of things have changed since the last meeting, in december. this time around, the rentals how of the 27 current defense. missing terrell tubbs means that much. ray lewis gives the ravens one of the night's biggest advantages. >> i try to understand where i am, first and foremost. olympic star michael phelps has spent so much time on the inte
...taylor teagarden stops at 3rd...o's down 5-4 with bassssloaded and no one outt...2 batters out...chris davis fly ball to left...anthooy gose's throw on the money... teagarden gunned down at the plate...the birds only get one run with bases loaaed and jays have the bases juiced...hh- jp arrencibia gives it a ride...nate mclouuh leaps but can't get it...a deflatttng grand slam...toronto up 9-4.... bottom 9...o's threatening... basss loaded no outs for maak grounddr to short..startssthe 6-4-3 double play...that all but ends it... toronto wins the night game... 9-5... game 1...o's fans drinking thee the score...adam jones scorches it to left... for his 32nd dinger..o's lead 2--....bottom 5...ryan &pflaherty smashes it to center....lis ayala catches it in his hat in the o's the bbg bucks...shows it off d po all his buddies in the pen...birds lead of tte th..jays down 4-1...2 in scoring posiiion..darren o'day &penn the threat....irds take the first game 4-1... the yankees beat the twins... so the o's fall to 1 and a half games out of first...2 games n
last night against the toronto blue jays crushing them 12-2. chris davis and manny had two home runs a piece and tied a franchise record dating back almost 50 years and almost in the 80s, 7 home runs in the game. they remain a game and a half behind the yankees for the al east division league and keep a half game lead on the a's and play the red sox this weekend and it's important to keep that spot in the wild card race because if there's a play off it will be played here. and more and more of the birds continue the best season in more than a decade. there are a lot of fans routeing for the orioles and a lot of fresh young faces. >> reporter: america's pass time is being passed down. >> i think we're getting a lot younger. >> all f o -- all of them had their orioles gear on. >> reporter: the faces of our youth have become fresh again. >> i think the crowd is stoked. >> it's fun to be here. >> reporter: the crowd is young. it's excited. >> we have young people like myself and my friend nicole here, and then we have people that are my dad's age hanging out. >> i think even the old peop
al límite de innings de trabajo que se le había impuesto. en baltimore, chris davis y manny machado conectaron dos jonrones cada uno para que los orioles empataran la marca del equipo, de siete cuadrangulare s, y derrotaran 12-2 a los azulejos de toronto, un triunfo que los mantiene a juego y medio del liderato de la división este de la liga americana. los orioles pusieron fin a una racha de dos derrotas frente a los azulejos y pisan los talones a los líderes de la división, los yanquis de nueva york. preparese porque tenemos el resumen de las copas. la recopa se quedo en brasil, santos de local supero 2-0 a la universidad de chile, con goles de neymar y bruno, este trofeo lo disputan los campeones de la copa libertadores de america y la copa sudamericana. santos gana su primera recopa sudamericana de la historia.por la copa suda, barcelona de guayaquil perdio de local 1-0 ante gremio de porto alegre, mientras que liga de loja tambien de ecuador empato de local 1-1 con sao paulo. para hoy en argentina, colon santa fe recibe a cerro porteno de paraguay. por la liga campeones de la
-1....chris davisust t a so sh too e things at in the 5t. yynkees hosting the of the 8th...taa upton crushes it tle. into e bullpen...slo shot. rays in front 5-2....botto the 8th..alex rodruez moshotooleft...2-n blast closes t gap to a run...witt thlong ball, passes lo gehrig for 9th on the all-time rstriottm 99..4 t derek r to end game..ras takeamone in new rk 6-4... with theankeesoss, the o's are in sole possession of fst pla forthe time being...tampa bay closes to witn and a half games... all the atntiofrom the rave seon ppintedectlat t it shoulbe.e flacco andcompanyade a big statement...and for once... maybe balmore will be kno oth side of the ba. fast-paced offense.noa used a majority of the game sooetimes the snap came quic..other times laaco read the defee and changed thinp heine rimmage.keeping the bengals off balae.relt30 total yards... 44 ints... for thravens.. rly ciperss. vens-eaglejuryeport... ravens-eagles ravens-eagles injury report...ofnsive 3 tale jah reid is out with rain rig cal..ul ugnd pernellcphee are questionable and d
right here. two-run shot off of joe saunders. tommy malone, solid. chris davis takes him deep to center field and just gone. 26 for davis and we're tied at 2. a's regain the lead at the bottom half of the fifth. johnny goals singles and big night for their a's. including this one in the 7th. this more defense to end the game and derek norris guns him down trying to steal. a's win 3-2. >> giants and d'backs, trying to get a foul ball. matt cain, two strikesouts and five walks. and five innings and hunter pence, bases loaded in the third. grand slam, third of pence's career. they get out a no jam in the sixth. giants adding a run in the eighth by the relief pitcher who never gets any. an r.b.i. single. they win 6-2. >> can you just imagine 49ers coach jim harbaugh and jim schwartz meeting at midfield and exchange ago warm, friendly hug. this whole handshake business is irrelevant. but we like to talk about it. niners beat detroit and harbaugh almost touched off a fight. they are going to try to stop johnson. handshake is still a hot topic. >> seen it a bunch of times since. there is a bun
. and wrist looks good there. a two-run and it is 2-1a's. solid all season and however, chris davis, what a stroke. deep to center field, and that is just gone. it ties the game at two apiece. a's are back in front and the pride of petaluma. a base hit to left and in comes adam rosales. a big night for the oakland defense. four double plays including this one in the seventh. he hits it into the 6-4-3dtp. and more defense to end this game. they were pumped up. derrick norris and trying to ine 9th in front of a sellout crowd on fireworks night. the a's win it 3-2. they are two up in the wild card race. giants and diamondbacks, not the best way to get a foul ball, but effective. matt cane tw uncane-like. two strikeouts and five walks and three in the first. he lasted only five innings. hunter penz helping his teammates out. here it comes and there it goes with the bases loaded in the third. grand slam and that makes it 5-0g-men. giants get out of a bases loaded jam. he gets aaron hill swinging and matt cane is fired up. giants get one more run in the eighth and we show it to you because of t
begin. the orioles win their 80th game of the year and stay tied with the yankees. chris davis hauling around nate mclouth. the yankees beat the red sox. curtis granderson off aaron cook. 1-0, yankees. two batters later. with a man on. robinson cano. this guy one of the best players on the planet hits home run number 30. 5-4, the yankees hang on. they are tied with the orioles orlse play at 12:30 this afternoon. ravens play the eagles sunday in philadelphia. they look for their second win in a row. is ray lewis really in his 17th year? ray lewis is 37 playing like he's 20. 14 monday against the bengals. he'll have his hands full this week. he will try to stop michael vick from both throwing and running. only the second time ever the ravens play in philly. manny machado. 20 years old. brooks robinson. >> beautiful. >> great. >> thank you. >> coming up in the next hour, president obama is vowing justice for the killings of four americans in the middle east. the latest on america's response in a live report from washington at 6:05. >> officials say a group of airport workers filled more t
. >>> orioles, a monster night offensively against the jays. seventh inning, os already up six runs. chris davis deep to the deepest part of the yard, a two-run home run. second home run of the night. one of seven home runs for the orioles in the game. yes, seven home runs. that ties a club record for baltimore. they win 12-2. all of the 12 runs came via home runs. >>> yankees facing off with the twins in a day game. yankees up a pair. curtis grander son extends the lead, a triple down the right-field line. the yankees win 8-2. they remain a ganl and a half up on the orioles in the al east. the magic number to win the division is six game. the yankees head to toronto for four games this weekend. coming up it he top of the hour on "morning joe," the battleground moves to virginia where the candidates spent the day crisscrossing ohio. we'll see what mitt romney can do to change the dynamic in the must win states. when we come back here, we'll huddle around the water cooler to feast our eyes on a pizza crust shaped like ice cream cones filled with cream cheese. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be nic
with a man on. matt wieters singles. chris davis hit another home run. the crowd goes home almost delirious because the orioles are back in a first-place tie. everybody delirious except buck showalter. jane two of the series tonight -- game two of the series tonight. ravens fans can pay their respects to art modell tomorrow at m&t bank stadium at a public viewing from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. it is requested you wear purple. a moment of silence before the cal ripken surmount last night in honor of art. people talking about art and savoring the orioles' win. >> a close call for a state trooper caught on tape. >> the conventions are over and both candidates are ready to hit the campaign trail running. >> a baltimore city police officer will be laid to rest officer will be laid to rest later today >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 6:00 a.m. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. i'm stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. we're hoping for a nice weekend. what do you say? >> i think t
reynolds again -- when he hits them, the ball launches off his bat. chris davis hits another home run. the os take round one from the yankees 10-6 and are tied for first -- the orioles take ground one. a sellout crowd. a crowd of 46,000 last night. mark reynolds said he was nervous. adam jones said he had goosebumps. cal ripken said, enjoy the september pennant race. cal making a back can play at shortstop. billy ripken and brady anderson addressing the crowd. maybe the biggest guest of all, vi ripken in the crowd watching jr. say thanks to the crowd. tomorrow, a public viewing it on the field for art modell. he was more than just the owner to ozzie newsome and ray lewis. >> the greatest thing life offers is the opportunity to help someone. he was one of those guys, one of those spirits. >> based on all the texts, females and phone calls i've gotten from people, the impact that he had on my life, he had a major impact on their life, too. >> tomorrow at m&t bank stadium . >> more news after
:55 this morning. the orioles were trailing 2-0 in the ninth inning. chris davis kept the game alive with a two-run single. watch this rocket to short. he makes the catch. the game goes to the 18th. top of the 18th. the runners moved up. taylor teagarden pinch hitting. he has nine runs batted in. jim johnson gets the safe and the orioles win in 18 innings and are again tied with the yankees. the birds contain to get it done. the tampa rays, their slide continues. they lose to the red sox. a base hit in the third inning puts tapmpa up. the red sox get back in it. tampa leading 3-1. the red sox go on to win 7-5. tampa is all but out of it. the ravens looking to avoid a two game losing streak. the patriots come to town this weekend. the patriots lost last weekend. they are 0-6 against the patriots in the regular season. the ravens playing a rare home game against new england. the orioles beat the mariners and are tied for first place. >> that is amazing. we have an update to some late breaking news. >> a fire sense seven people to area hospitals. that story is next
. edwin encarnacion, another single. chris davis throws out colby rasmus at hird. in the ninth inning, -- at thir d. and a ninth-inning, the birds load the bases. 4-0, the jays win. the orioles are still a game and a half behind the yankees. the yankees lost last night. the twins score four runs. become back for the twins. the team is behind the orioles all won in the wild card race. the ravens went back to work today ready for the cleveland browns. the ravens have beat the browns eight straight times. the defense ranked 27th. the key to tomorrow is a preparation and do not take the browns lightly. fans are wondering when the will bement refs replaced by real refs. >> the pressure is on. wanted to make sure that you can see properly. >> i told her i won the lottery. >> he hits the jackpot. he will give some of the money away. >> the truck driver in russia got very lucky during an accident. >> whoa. >> my goodness. we have some rain in the forecast. >> the roads are a little wet. we have some accidents around the area. >> a man dies in police custody. that story is next. >> battle line
and are tied for first place with the yankees. down to the last two outs. chris davis keeps the game alive. 2-2 a goes to extra innings. they would play nine more innings. first and third in the 17th. lou ford hits a rocket. taylor teagarden pinch hitting. nine hits have driven in runs and he does it again. 4-2, the orioles win. the birds are now tied with the yankees. 14 straight extra inning wins. how about matt wieters? ravens looking for another win against new england. both teams coming off tough losses. you cannot change history. ravens are 0-6 against new england. >> that will be different. i did not think we have had them here since 2007. how many times did we play them at their place? >> the media did not have the answer. they were silent. tremendous orioles game. >> breaking news at of northeast baltimore. >> 7 people are sent to area hospitals after a fire. >> one of the ravens takes the >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 6:00 a.m. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. i am stan stovall. >> thanks for joining us
jays. seven home runs tonight. ties a franchise record. chris davis and manny machado hit two apiece. >>> believe it or not, the nba is set to open training camp soon. the washington wizards feel they're in the midst of that rebuild we've been hearing about that they started when john hall was drafted. however, head coach randy whitman says now is the time for wall to take charge and help turn the tide. >> this has got to be a big step for him in taking that next step, and he's done a lot of those things this summer to try to make that happen. and, you know, work ethic being a big part of it. >>> and finally tonight, what a time in washington, d.c. sports. check out the cover of this week's sports illustrated. the headline says washington- baltimore, the unlikely sports capitol. if you look ?ierksd i've got it right here, change they can believe in. >> how exciting. it's got redskins, orioles, nationals, ravens, everybody. >> a long time coming. >> didn't look like they mentioned the wizards, though. somehow that didn't get on the list. i wonder why. >> we'll be right back, everybody
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